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Save Hundreds or Thousands of Dollars in Legal Fees!

About Us was designed by seasoned bankruptcy professionals to make filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy easy and affordable. We employ experienced bankruptcy attorneys and paralegals with proven track records. Our managing partners have over 40 years of combined experience in the field of consumer bankruptcy law and were formerly employed by top bankruptcy law firms and trustees. Our staff includes authors, speakers, and leading authorities on consumer bankruptcy law.

With attorney fees for a typical Chapter 7 bankruptcy costing between $1,200 to $2,500, thousands of consumers across the nation are seeking low-cost alternatives to using a high-priced attorney to file bankruptcy.

In most cases, the entire Chapter 7 bankruptcy process consists of completing the required forms, filing them with the U.S. bankruptcy court, and attending a 3 to 5 minute meeting with a bankruptcy trustee. No attorney is needed for this and no court hearing is required in most cases.

At, your Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be prepared for only $199. Just print and sign the completed forms, then take or mail them to your local bankruptcy court. Your bankruptcy will be effective immediately upon filing – and you’ll save hundreds or thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees.