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I had spoken with several attorneys and the price I was quoted was between $2500-$3200. And honestly I was a little skeptical when by chance I came across PardonMyDebt and their $149 charge. But I was in a hurry to file bankruptcy because I had a wage garnishment coming due at the end of January 2018, and I didn’t have the money to pay an attorney, this company was a godsend! The software was easy to get through and if I had any questions Greg was just a phone call or text away to help. I highly recommend PardonMyDebt to anyone who is in the position I was In. THEY ARE LEGIT!!!
Robert G.
– there is absolutely NO WAY I could have done this on my own. And don’t have $3k to give somebody to do it. This is monumental in our lives. You have taken a huge burden of mystery and anxiety and brought a calmness and peace back into our lives. I know you have done thousands of these, but this is very personal to me and my family. Thank you for everything! Now waiting on my 341 to schedule and looking forward to a quick discharge and ready to begin the rebuilding process. Thanks, J
Jeff C.
Pardon my is amazing…. well I guess it would be the guy behind the website who is actually amazing. **** went above and beyond to help me get my bankruptcy filed speedy quick. He answered all my many questions, and believe me I had a lot of them. He is very good at what he does, and super knowledgeable about bankruptcy laws and things of that nature. He definitely made this process as painless as possible. Thank you so much I truly appreciate all your help. I highly recommend
Sehara Z.
Why I am singing their (PardonMyDebt) praises… When I first looked into this company I was a little skeptic at the idea of doing business online. I called PardonmMyDebt and explained to them that I needed to file bankruptcy asap because I had a upcoming court date with two creditors threatening to garnish my wages. I could not afford an attorney or to have my wages garnished. They assured me that they would be able to complete this process in the time frame agreed and they delivered beyond my expectations. The entire process was quick and easy. I was amazed at the professionalism, great customer service, easy instructions and accurate completion of my paperwork. When I filed my bankruptcy, even the clerk at the filing office was complimenting on how well all the paperwork was presented. PardonMyDebt is like one of the best kept secrets and I pray that more people are made aware of this great service. I still cannot believe I just filed bankruptcy at such low cost and honestly I don’t think any attorney could have done it better and trust me I spoke to a great number of them prior to making the decision to file with PardonMyDebt. Great job PardonMyDebt and I pray your business much continued success. You were truly a blessings to me at a very difficult time in my life. I am still singing…..(smile). Thank You!!!
Monique F.
This company was the best. They guided me through the forms and were always available if I need them. When I went to court I was the only was that was pro se( without a lawyer) . The trustee yelled at every single lawyer because they had some made so many little and careless mistakes. I was the last one to go. When I got up to him he looked through my paperwork. Look at me. Ask me if anyone did my paperwork for me and I stated no. He said okay well the only thing he needed was my bank statements and w2s (he asked everyone for that ) a lot of cases had to be continued due to simple mistakes . Even the lawyer I was going to retained for 1800$ had to have her case continued . I am so glad I went with Pardon my debt to help me fill out the correct forms ! Thank you so much
Joy E.
I rarely write reviews, but I am taking the time to write this one because I really can’t say enough positive things about PardonMyDebt and the assistance I received from ****. Filing Bankruptcy is not an easy thing to do and after speaking with several (very expensive) attorneys and doing weeks of research, I realized that doing the paperwork was the most cumbersome thing about filing and that doing that was 90% of the work. Then I was lucky enough to find PardonMyDebt and it saved me time, money and stress. **** was so amazing and helpful, always returning my calls, texts and emails promptly and walking me through the entire process without one single issue. When I took my paperwork to file it – it was completed perfectly. When I went to my trustee meeting (I was the ONLY one without an attorney present) – I was one of the very few people that day to make it through the process without having to come back to fix an issue with their paperwork. Please do yourself a favor and use this service – you will be so happy that you did and not wasted hundreds or thousands or dollars on an attorney.
Erica E.
Best service ever!!!!
Magaly P.
They did an excellent job on my chapter 7 bankruptcy will recommend them to everyone 5 stars.
Kim J.
Best software to work with! Worked as described! No tech issues!! Not sure why the company has a B+ rating, it deserves an A++!! It was fast and easy! Highly recommended!
Jonathan M.
Was referred to***** from a friend. he had handle two family friends bankruptcy with professionalism! I recent needed his assistant in going through the process myself and he had made the entire process simple and easy providing all of the necessary documents for me to got to the court myself and accomplished the full process. I highly recommend the company!
Kai Lin C.
the man i talked was very nice and understanding. he answered all of my questions any time i called back. I had a lot of questions and he did not mind. I give him a 5.
kathryn n.
I’m glad to have chosen pardon my debt . Excellent customer service !! **** was their for any of my concerns and questions , Process was fast and smooth . Took less than 2 months ,now I have my discharge as of march 28.2017 my credit score went up and looks good!! thanks pardon my debt !! I’m very happy with your services and I have already recommended Pardon my debt ,to friends and family thanks again !!!
Kevonda J.
I wanted to file bankruptcy online, but the gentleman name **** said it would take 2 to 3 business days to fill out my paperwork. It’s taken a month now. I paid $149 and I still haven’t gotten any results on my case. I asked for my money back, no response.
Tina S.

Company Response

We called, emailed, and texted this customer numerous times requesting her Credit Karma login so we could import the debts from her credit report. She also had two or three court judgments that needed to be added, but she did not provide any information for those either. We never got a reply for weeks. All we got was this negative review. The customer finally answered her phone, was very cordial, and agreed to provide her Credit Karma login and the lawsuit information. However, she never did, despite numerous additional calls, emails, and texts that went unanswered. We finally received an email back from the customer stating that she refused to provide her Credit Karma login because it was “too personal”. We told her she could change her password after we imported her debt information or she could just send us her printed credit reports or just a typed list of her debts. We never received anything. We cannot finalize her bankruptcy without any debt information. We are ready, willing, and able to finalize this customer’s forms as soon as we receive her debt information.